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Our Glossary of Ingredients

Want to know the specifics on what's in our food? This glossary provides information about the ingredients in our most popular items in addition to our main ingredients—pork and other meats. These ingredients are added to enrich flavor, expand variety, and enhance food safety.

10 ingredients beginning with the letter 'R'

Red Beet Juice Concentrate
Red Beet Juice Concentrate is a natural red coloring derived from removing the water from beet juice, which leaves a powder or concentrate behind.
Red No. 40
Food grade dye (red) used as a colorant in food production.
Reduced Iron
Reduced Iron is a mineral naturally found in an oxidized form, but chemically processed and reduced into a fine powder by treating ferric oxide with hydrogen.
Riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2, is used as a dietary supplement and is part of standard vitamin fortification for grain and cereal items.
Rice Flour
Rice Flour is finely milled rice, commonly substituted for wheat.
Rice Salad Oil
Rice Salad Oil is a vegetable oil derived from rice.
Rice Starch
Rice Starch is a aturaln starch extracted from rice.
Rice Vinegar
Rice Vinegar is vinegar made from rice. 
Romano Cheese
Romano Cheese is hard, salty sheep’s milk cheese primarily used for grating.  
Rosemary Extract
Rosemary Extract is natural oils from the herb rosemary.