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Our Glossary of Ingredients

Want to know the specifics on what's in our food? This glossary provides information about the ingredients in our most popular items in addition to our main ingredients—pork and other meats. These ingredients are added to enrich flavor, expand variety, and enhance food safety.

26 ingredients beginning with the letter 'P'

Paprika is a spice derived from sweet peppers used to add flavor and color to products.
Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan Cheese is aged cow's milk cheese with a hard, gritty texture and fruity, nutty taste.
Partially Inverted Sugar
Partially inverted sugar is a mixture of fructose and glucose that is used as a sugar substitute in products.
Pasteurized Process American Cheese
Pasteurized process american cheese is a processed cheese that has been combined with emulsifiers, salt, and sometimes other dairy products to improve functionality.
Pasteurized Process Cheddar Cheese
Pasteurized process cheddar cheese is a processed cheddar cheese that has been combined with emulsifiers, salt, and sometimes other dairy products to improve functionality.
Pea Fiber
Pea Fiber is a natural fiber from the inner pea. It is a water binder and oil absorbent for food products.
Pea Starch
Pea Starch is a natural food additive used as a thickener and gelling agent.
Peanuts are a crop-grown plant, consisting of edible seeds within a pod.
Phosphoric Acid
Phosphoric Acid is an organic acid, used to extend shelf life.
Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Pineapple Juice Concentrate is a natural juice derived from pineapple.
Pineapple Juice Concentrate
A semi-dehydrated liquid made of purified pineapple juice.
Pork is skeletal meat from pigs.
Pork Broth
Pork broth is the liquid remaining after simmering pork bones. It is used as a natural binding agent and to add flavor to products.
Pork Hearts
Pork hearts are the heart muscles in pigs, primarily used to add color, flavor, and texture to meat products.
Potassium Acetate
Potassium acetate is a potassium salt of acetic acid that is used as a preservative or antimicrobial in food products.
Potassium Chloride
Potassium chloride is a potassium salt of chlorine that is used as a salt substitute in foods.
Potassium Citrate
Potassium Citrate is a potassium salt of citric acid used as a replacement in sodium-reduced or sodium-free products.
Potassium Lactate
Potassium lactate is a potassium salt of lactic acid that is used to increase a product's shelf-life by inhibiting microbial growth.
Potassium Sorbate
Potassium sorbate is a potassium salt of sorbic acid that is used to prevent mold, yeast, and fungi growth.
Potato Starch
Potato Starch is a natural starch extracted from potatoes.
Potatoes are a starchy root vegetable of the Solanum tuberosum plant.
Powdered Cellulose
Powdered cellulose is a miniscule plant fiber used to improve texture and increase dietary fiber.
Propyl Gallate
Propyl gallate is used to protect fats and oils from oxidation and to maintain product freshness.
Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol is used in meat processing as a sweetener or solvent for flavorings.
Propylene Glycol Alginate
Propylene glycol alginate is an ester of alginic acid that is used as a binder or emulsifier in food production.
Pure Maple Syrup
Purified sap (syrup) naturally derived from maple trees.