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Our Glossary of Ingredients

Want to know the specifics on what's in our food? This glossary provides information about the ingredients in our most popular items in addition to our main ingredients—pork and other meats. These ingredients are added to enrich flavor, expand variety, and enhance food safety.

4 ingredients beginning with the letter 'O'

Oleoresin of Paprika
Oleoresin of Paprika, also knowns as Extractives of Paprika is a spice derived from sweet peppers and is used to add flavor and color to food products.
Olive Oil
Olive Oil is derived from the fruit of the olive tree.
Onion Powder
Onion powder is dried, ground onion that is used to add flavor to products.
Organic Vegetable Glycerin
Organic Vegetable Glycerin is a clear, syrup-like liquid that has a sweet taste and no odor. It’s obtained from vegetable fats found in carrier oils, such as soybean oil or coconut oil.