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Our Glossary of Ingredients

Want to know the specifics on what's in our food? This glossary provides information about the ingredients in our most popular items in addition to our main ingredients—pork and other meats. These ingredients are added to enrich flavor, expand variety, and enhance food safety.

5 ingredients beginning with the letter 'L'

Lactic Acid
Lactic Acid (Vegetable Source) is a naturally occurring acid in plants and animals, in this case, derived from plants such as beets. 
Lactic Acid Starter Cultures
Lactic Acid Starter Cultures are natural bacteria that aids in the fermentation of dried meats.
Lime Peel
Lime peel is dried exterior of a lime and has a sour, tart smell that is matched by a bitter sweet flavor.
Lipolyzed Cream
Lipolyzed cream is an enzyme of modified fats used to enhance dairy flavor.
Locust Bean Gum
Locust Bean Gum is a vegetable gum from the seeds of the carob tree and is used as a thickening agent in food processing.