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At Smithfield Foods, “good” doesn’t stop with our products — it’s in everything we do.
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Opportunities for career advancement and one of the best safety records in the industry.

About Us



At Smithfield Foods, “good” doesn’t stop with our products — it’s in everything we do.View the campaign




Opportunities for career advancement and one of the best safety records in the industry.Search opportunities

Supplier Code of Conduct

Smithfield1 continues to focus on its vision of being a trusted, respected and ethical food industry leader. This vision supports our promise to customers that we will produce “Good food. Responsibly.®” Our suppliers are integral to maintaining and improving on these goals by providing sustainable products and services. This Supplier Code of Conduct has been implemented to help ensure that our suppliers continue to meet and exceed these high standards. It sets forth the business conduct requirements for all suppliers (suppliers, vendors, contractors and consultants) who do business with Smithfield as well as strategies to support a sustainable future. These requirements are in addition to other contract terms and conditions that apply. The degree to which suppliers comply with these applicable requirements and the extent of their sustainability efforts will be considerations for future business with Smithfield.

Legal Compliance

Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules for the products and services they manufacture, distribute or otherwise provide. This includes compliance with federal, state, local and international requirements. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety
  • Labor/Employment
  • Labeling/Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Recordkeeping and Accounting
  • Securities/Insider Trading
  • Import/Export
  • Antitrust/Fair Competition
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices
  • Data/Copyright
  • Immigration

Labor and Human Rights

Suppliers shall treat all employees with respect and dignity at all times. Adherence to laws and regulations governing labor and human rights is a prerequisite for this to occur. Smithfield recommends suppliers go beyond the legal requirements and implement policies and procedures that help foster improved employee relations.

Forced Labor

All labor used by suppliers must be voluntary. The use of forced labor of any kind is prohibited, including indentured service, involuntary prison labor, bonded labor, and labor performed due to physical threat.

Child Labor

Suppliers and their subcontractors shall not use child labor, as defined by federal and state regulations and international standards. Smithfield prefers suppliers do not employ anyone under the age of 16.

Working Hours

Suppliers shall not schedule employees to work more hours or days than allowed by applicable laws. Voluntary alternative schedules and overtime are acceptable if conducted in compliance with legal requirements and collective bargaining agreements.


Employees shall be fairly compensated for their work, which must meet minimum wage requirements, where applicable. Wages should be comparable to those of similar companies in the local area. Overtime shall be paid, as required by law or at least the same as the hourly wage.

Freedom of Association/Collective Bargaining

Suppliers must respect the rights of employees to freely associate, organize and bargain collectively.

Harassment and Abuse

Suppliers must ensure that their facilities are free from employee harassment, threats, punishment or other forms of abuse.

Product Safety and Quality

Smithfield is dedicated to providing the highest-quality meats and packaged foods to our customers. Suppliers of meat products and ingredients have a direct impact on our ability to meet this commitment and, therefore, must have in place policies and procedures to manage the safety and quality of products delivered to us. Smithfield reserves the right to inspect supplier facilities and request documentation to verify that these systems are in place and are being fully implemented.

 1 All references to “Smithfield,” “we,” “us,” and “our” are terms of convenience used to refer collectively to Smithfield Foods and all of its subsidiaries. Similarly, the terms “division” and “business unit” may be used to refer to one or more subsidiaries, which are independent operating companies.

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