Many Names, One Family

The Smithfield Foods family of companies is made up of a number of independent operating companies and joint ventures-all committed to producing quality food products. With popular brands such as Smithfield, Eckrich and Farmland, each organization maintains its unique identity while benefiting from Smithfield Foods' resources and experience as a packaged foods company.


Smithfield Foods International Group

Headquarters: Kansas City, MO

President: Jason Richter

Based in the United States, Smithfield Foods International delivers consistent quality pork across six continents.
We start with premium-quality products, like our wide variety of naturally hickory-smoked hams and the best tasting bacon and breakfast sausage the world has to offer. We have fresh ribs, chops, roasts and processed sausage. Fully cooked or uncooked, Smithfield International offers a selection of product as complete as any in the world. Through international partnerships, we are able to deliver quality beyond the Americas to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Corey Stusse, Director
Chris Bidnick, Director

Packaged Meats:
Corey Stusse, Director

Japan, Korea, Russia and Australia:
Shane Ward, Vice President
Japan - Farmland Brands - Eldon Weber, Director
Japan - Farmland & Smithfield Brands - Bryce Stallbaumer, Sales Manager
Japan - Smithfield Brands - Jesse Austin, Director
Korea - Jason Webb, Sales Manager
Australia - Mike Chapman, Director
Russia - Mike Chapman, Director

China/Hong Kong, SE Asia, Mexico, Central/South America, European Community/Eastern Europe, Africa:
Mike Skahill , Vice President
China/Hong Kong/SE Asia - Warren Kroeker, Director
Mexico - Andy Gerlach, Director
Mexico - Mario Garza, Sales Manager
Mexico/Caribbean/Latin America/Cuba - Maury Talbert, Sales Manager
Central/South America - Maria Bustamante, Director
Europe - Sam Daisley, Sales Manager